Why Are Men Attracted To Lesbians?

Why Are Men Attracted To Lesbians?

In the history of the world, there are many questions that are still unanswered.

For example, even with all the advances in science, we still don’t know if the chicken came first or the egg. But there are some other eternal questions that have finally found a rational answer.

One among such questions is ‘why Are Men Attracted To Lesbians?’

PornHub recently released a map of all US states showing the most used search term. Guess which word had the most searches in most states? – Lesbians.

Why is it so?

The simplest answer is that men love boobs and they believe more boobs there are in the location, the better. Lesbian sex has at least four boobs that’s two more than straight sex and thus the preference.

Men are highly visual in nature. They are stimulated faster by visual stimuli than any other sense. In contrast, women have a much slower arousal rate.

Just looking at a semi-attractive lesbian couple, a man can get aroused because his imagination will take it and fly away to a different level.

But lesbians would never be interested in straight men, so the attraction is not logical. True. Lesbians, by definition, are attracted to women and not men. But men’s sensory arousal and sexual fantasy do not follow any logical paths, common sense or laws of the universe. And this phenomenon is not restricted to men alone.

Women are often aroused by billionaires and movie stars who may not even look at them twice.

Even in the absence of reciprocation, they are still aroused.

A test was conducted to test the genital arousal rate of women when they watched gay porn. Though women claimed they were not aroused by watching two men getting it on, the test confirmed they had a genital arousal. But the rest of their body did not participate.

And yet a man gets aroused by lesbians.

The reason for this evolutionary in nature.

Evolution has trained a woman to pick that one guy who will invest in her heavily while she carries his offspring, says one researcher.

Men are attracted to lesbians purely because of their evolutionary visual arousal mechanism. It is not a conscious choice, or a learned behaviour.

So if you are in advertising, try giving hints of lesbian sex and see your male viewers’ response rate skyrocket. But be ready for the brickbats from the LGBT community.

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