How do lesbians have sex…really?

How do lesbians have sex…really?

Lesbian sex has been going on for centuries. But it is still considered to be somewhat a secretive topic. This is probably because a man’s imagination of lesbian sex has more to do with imagination than reality. Recently, a young man asked a lesbian couple if their lovemaking is hotter than that of a heterosexual couple and he was promptly laughed off the stage.

The truth is that sex is hot as long as both the partners are sexually attracted to each other. Needless to say, a bit of experience may make it even better.

We will try to explain how lesbian sex works in this brief article.

First, it is important to understand that even lesbians have sex. Though the way they have sex would be different from how a mixed couple would have sex.

Foreplay is quite similar. But since both are women, things go a lot slower than when a man is involved. Women tend to heat up more slowly than men.

Many people have a feeling one of the women takes a man’s role. Emotionally that may be true. But sexually both have similar organs and similar mechanisms for orgasms. So there is no ‘Man’ role when it comes to lesbian sex.

While most couples love their oral and it is a big part of lesbian sex that is not the only way they enjoy it. Many lesbian couples also enjoy vaginal and anal penetration using toys, dildo and strap-on penises.

If lesbians use a strap-on penis, isn’t it like straight sex?

Not really, because they are still lesbians. Just because they use a dummy penis, does not mean they like men. It just means they like penetrative sex with their female partner.

Dummy penis is not a new idea. In historical times, a good banana, carrot or even cucumber has been used to satisfy a woman’s need for penetration.

Sex toys are a big business. With the internet boom, you don’t even need to go to a ‘dirty shop’ to buy sex toys. Order online and a discreet package will be dropped at your home, no questions asked.

But if you love shopping, you can always go to a kinky shop with your partner, play around a bit, make the men around jealous and bring home the toys.

Although lesbians are not interested in men, they still like to make them jealous.

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